Boom Boom, Baby!

Is it me, or is there a tremendous baby boom happening now? This week alone, I have two girlfriends giving birth (Way to go Jacks and Webby!) and I have a few more friends due by the end of the year. It’s exciting (okay and maybe a bit scary) to think some of my friends are already starting to have babies but I’m getting more comfortable with the idea. I must admit the most exciting thing for me this year is that I’m going to become an auntie/tia for the first time! Juan’s sister and hubby are expecting their first baby and Juan and I couldn’t be happier.

So with lots of babies, come lots of baby showers and presents… I’m sure you or someone you know is planning one so I wanted to offer up some cute game ideas that have been huge hits at the last couple of showers I’ve been to. (Really, what’s a baby shower without some fun games?)

Baby Shower Game Ideas:

*Poopie in the Diaper/Dirty Diaper Game: Take 6 diapers and 6 different chocolate candy bars, melt the candy bars and put melted chocolates onto numbered diapers. Have each person fill out their guesses on a sheet of paper and guess the melted chocolate candy bar inside the diaper. I promise you’ll get the best pictures of people smelling the “dirty diapers”. The person to guess all 6 wins!
*Build-a-Diaper: Separate guests into teams of 3-4 and have them create a diaper using one roll of toilet paper. One person can “model” the diaper for a diaper dash runway.

*Guess the Belly Size: Take string/yarn and have each person cut the amount of string they think will measure around the mommy’s belly.

And to top things off, I was recently invited to The Children’s Place for a special shopping event where I was given $150 gift card to shop for baby clothes. Juan met me to go on this mini-shopping spree and we both had a fun time picking out the cutest little things! It was our first time shopping @ The Children’s Place and we were totally impressed with the selection of clothes and the styles which included everything from rocker to vintage. Who knew such cute fashion items come in such small sizes?!

Here are some of the outfits we selected:

*Disclaimer $150 gift card was provided by The Children's Place.


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