Introducing the Couples Culinary Challenge

What do you get when you mix the following:

2 Cool Couples
1 Hot City
500+ Restaurants
And a strong desire to explore Miami’s culinary scene, one restaurant at a time??

Well, that’s exactly what we wanted to find out. Who are “we” you might wonder… Introducing the CCC (Couples Culinary Challenge) squad! Two fun-loving, recently married couples, living near downtown Miami (Midtown and Brickell), longtime friends with lots in common and a shared love for adventurous nights, long talks and foodie spots where you can enjoy a great meal over a delicious glass of wine.

Sound familiar? Good! We want to be as relatable as possible and provide couples all over South Florida the opportunity to explore their city and find spots where they can go and unwind after a long week of work and truly feel like they’ve got their money’s worth.

So obviously you already know that JG and I are one of the couples, the other couple that makes up the CCC squad is a dynamic duo who we’ve known for years and we consider very close friends. We’ll go ahead and call them S + JK for CCC purposes. S + JK are a Colombian-Venezuelan-Italian-American hybrid and have lived all over the world. Together, we’ve conquered mountain tops (literally), weddings, challenges and tons of funny moments and laughter. Who better to explore the local culinary scene than with a couple you identify with so well?

CCC Squad posing with the Wynwood Kitchen & Bar Manager (check out our hand signs)
Even though we all feel we know the local spots rather well, it’s always good to keep challenging ourselves so we don’t get complacent and stuck going to the same spots over and over again. Sure, there are some restaurants that merit a repeat offense, but the fun part is exploring new places with friends.

Our very first Couples Culinary Challenge location was Wynwood Kitchen & Bar. Although only a few minutes away from where we live, we actually had yet to make it over there for dinner. Our expectations were high, because we had only heard great things, and luckily the restaurant did not disappoint.

We chose to sit outside and take in the beautiful Wynwood Walls which is the backdrop to this fantastic restaurant. Not only does this venue serve as a great conversation-enhancer (S + JK had recently taken post-wedding pictures there so that was one topic we covered), the local art displays and galleries make for a great after dinner stroll.

Wynwood Kitchen & Bar is a family-style sharing restaurant so we ordered a bunch of plates for the table that we could all share. Some of our favorite dishes included the braised short ribs, churrasco, madjool dates, hash and the most delicious coconut cake, which was recommended to us by the manager.

Overall, this place was a fantastic way to get our Couples Culinary Challenge underway. Not only did they offer great food at a reasonable price (about $60 per couple including tip and wine), but the ambiance is what truly won us over. We even came up with our very own CCC rating system to help keep track of each place we visit and how we think it measured up. Here go our ratings for Wynwood Kitchen & Bar:

(1 – C means it was mediocre, 4 – Cs is the highest rating)

Service: CCCC
Food: CCC
Budget: CCCC
Ambiance: CCCC
Total: 3 ½ Cs – Excellent!

Keep reading here for our next Couples Culinary Challenge!


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