‘Death and Harry Houdini’ Goes Beyond Abracadabra…

This past Sunday, JG and I were invited to a screening of the new play showing at the Arsht Center, Death and Harry Houdini. To be honest, we had no clue what to expect other than your typical Off-Broadway show with actors, some props, maybe even a little song and dance…

As we entered the Carnival Studio Theatre (a very small and intimate venue), I immediately got the sense we were in for a real treat, something different and enticing. The first thing I noticed was that there was no stage, just a set of seats on either side of the room with lots of interesting-looking pipes, stairs and boxes on the other end of the room and a large circus sign in the middle. It felt like you were walking into the middle of a circus ring, which was pretty neat.

I don’t want to give too much away about the play, but I will tell you this; the show is based on the life of Harry Houdini who lived from 1874 – 1926 and was perhaps one of the world’s best known magician and stunt artist. The show captures key moments from his life and focuses on death and how that played a significant role in how Houdini lived his life. The best part of the show? The multi-talented cast not only act, sing and dance, they actually reenact several of Houdini’s magic tricks and sensational escape acts right in front of you. I spent half the show with my mouth open because never had I experienced a show where they performed death-defying magic tricks only a few feet away from you. I was in AWE the entire time and found myself completely immersed in the story. At times I would look over at JG to see what his reaction was and let’s just say we both had our mouths open.

I urge you to go and buy tickets for this show ASAP before they sell out. The tickets are $40 - $50 and it’s playing now through May 20. I would even go see it again!

For more information, please visit http://www.arshtcenter.org/houdini/


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