What's with the Name

After a year of many long discussions with JG (R.), lots of back and forth and even 1 or 2 big arguments over the matter, I finally decided to change my last name.

What. Was. I. Thinking!

I know all my feminists, independent ladies out there will want to hit me upside the head for taking such action, but I came to the conclusion that in the end, I’m still me. And really, if it means that much to my partner, then maybe I’m okay making a big sacrifice because, isn’t that what married life is all about?

I read tons of surveys and blogs and talked to all of my married and single friends, males and females from different backgrounds and in the end, I realized, all that mattered was that my hubby wanted me to share this with him. Just this one thing…

So as I trekked all over town and encountered the hell that is the Social Security Office, DMV and banks to officially make the switch, I thought to myself, it’s okay, I’m just tweaking my own brand.

Oh, and one more thing, I kept my last name as my middle name because in the end, I don’t believe in taking away, I believe in adding.



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