Work Hard, Fight Harder

Fight Club near Downtown Miami
When people used to talk to me about waking up early to go to the gym or go running outside or do any kind of activity before 8am, I would look at them sideways and shake my head. Are you crazy? Wake up early when my goal is to milk every last drop of sleep I can get?! No way. Humph.

Then the realization set in. I'm not getting any younger (in fact I've officially entered my thirties) and I need to do something to whip my body back into shape. And going to work out after work is doable, sure, but what about dinner with my hubby and walking Lola and watching our favorite shows together?

Now the question was what kind of workout would motivate me to wake my butt up and actually want to go exercise?

Here's a quick recap of all the things I've tried in the past few weeks):

*Bootcamp: woke up at 6am to try this out (thanks to a Travel Zoo deal) and about 20 minutes into the workout I said forget this. The instructor (who was a military-type) stood at the front of the room and proceeded to bark out orders, while everyone else in the class (who obviously had been going for a while) went about like little soldiers. Needless to say I couldn't hang and left before the class ended.

*Running app: downloaded a running application my friend recommended and set out to go from "couch to 5k" in 6 weeks. While I loved the app because I could go at my own pace, I lost interest after about 3 weeks because I wasn't able to keep up with the set schedule the app had programmed.

*Crossfit: this by far was my worst experience. I know there are people who are obsessed with this workout but I had an unpleasant experience. It was a little reminiscent of Bootcamp but tougher on the body. Lots of throwing yourself on the ground and high-intensity, 10 minute interval trainings I just couldn't get in to. I also didn't like the fact that most of the people in my class were guys ( the ego-driven, I'm lifting weights and I'm cool type)  but maybe it was just the particular class I went to. Oh, and yea I pretty much blacked out in the middle of class which was not only embarrassing but scary. Sure, I had gone to bed late the night before and skipped a full breakfast so I have myself to blame, but still... It sucked.

*Fight Club: after much persuasion from some friends, I decided to try out a boxing gym by my house. There I was among 50 punching bags, actual boxing rings and sweaty-smelling gloves but something about it just felt right. Before you think I'm taking actual boxing lessons let me clarify, the classes I've been taking are a mix of aerobics, kickboxing and boxing techniques. It's awesome!!! The classes vary and at times we use weights or medicine balls and there's always about 15 minutes of ab work. I get such a thrill when they pump the sound system at 7am and I'm able to get out all my aggression on the bags. It's a great way to get my day started.

So there you have it. I'm officially obsessed with my morning boxing/aerobics class and it feels great. Like my friend put it, it's the one hour of the day I get to dedicate to myself. Let's hope I can keep it up and get into tip top shape.


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