One Egg, Two Yolks

So there I was, cooking breakfast like I usually do, when all of a sudden CRACK! “Aww,” I thought to myself, “How cute!”

I realized once I had cracked my one single egg open to cook it, that there were actually two egg yolks inside.  That’s right, my one egg had been twins.

My first initial reaction was to snap a picture on my iPhone, post on Instagram and tag the following: Had twinsies in my breakfast this am! #breakfast #pan #cook #eggs #fried #twins #twinsies #protein #yolk #yellow

And that was that… so I thought.

Fast-forward a few weeks later (and 5 pregnancy tests later) and JG and I were shocked to find out we were PREGNANT! Excitement, shock, awe, terror, back to excitement and every single emotion you can imagine ran through us… but overall we were overjoyed at the thought of being parents.

Little did we know the surprises wouldn’t stop there.

At our very first appointment, as the doctor was scanning my insides for one little heartbeat, came the surprise of a lifetime. While JG and I were celebrating the fact that there indeed was life inside of me, the doctor was nonchalantly explaining, that there were two lives growing inside me. “I’m sorry, come again” I yelped a little. “Yes, can’t you see the monitor? There are two fetuses with strong heartbeats.” At that point we weren’t very good at reading those black and white monitors so, no, we hadn’t seen that in fact there were two eggs in there! Two heartbeats!

My immediate reaction was to go into shock. Two? Two! How did that happen? Twins? Did we even have twins in the family? Were they both okay, healthy? Was I going to be able to bring twins into this world? How were we going to handle two, at the same time?! A million thoughts ran through my head. Meanwhile, JG was celebrating saying we had the ultimate 2-4-1 deal. Yep, even then he thought about the amazing deal we were getting. Honestly, we were both in shock, yet overwhelmed with emotions. We felt like “the chosen couple” who God had selected for this special task. J

The first trimester was, well, difficult. For a moment there, I thought, man this is really tough and not like I imagined. I felt nauseous, exhausted and weak all the time and kept thinking when will this end? Now, I’m happy to say that my second trimester I feel much better. JG and I are in full parent-mode and already adjusting to the idea of being parents to identical twin girls!

We feel very blessed and can’t wait to meet our little girls!

(Original Instagram post)
Ruiz Twins make their first debut!


marcia said...

I just got emotional with your post. God knows what He is doing and I'm 100% sure you guys will be the best parents this 2 little angels could have. Congratulations to both of you. We can't wait to see the face of your 2 girls. <3
Marcia & Chirs!

July 8, 2013 at 12:15 AM
susyhomemaker said...

What a blessing...and what a funny coincidence with the eggs! Congrats!

July 8, 2013 at 5:42 PM

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