Baby Clothes - always go bigger

It's hard to imagine that G+O used to be so tiny, that they would fit into preemie-sized clothes. Thirteen pounds later and 5 months into life - and they're easily fitting into 6-9 month clothing! 

It's a shame how quickly they've outgrown some of my favorite outfits. Not to mention how much money we're spending on clothes for two little girls… Then again, we have healthy, growing babies so can't complain. 

If I could give mommies some advice, I would tell them not to spend a ton of money buying newborn clothes. When in doubt, buy the bigger size - you'll be able to enjoy the outfits longer and its okay if they fit a little big in the beginning. 

Certain stores sell sizes that run true to size or actually run a little bigger. The Children's Place and GAP are two stores I love because the clothes seem to last longer and the sizes run true to size or bigger. 

Here's a snapshot of the sparkly skirts I purchased for the girls to wear on NYE…


Little Book Teek said...

Oh i just love tutus. Team them up with a sparking short sleeved top and some wings and viola you have your self a fairy princess.

January 27, 2014 at 9:13 PM

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